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Wednesday, 9 January 2019

South African 'pantless dancer' Zodwa Wabantu bares her breasts as she joins topless local women in Namibia

South African

Zodwa Wabantu is no stranger to going almost naked so she flitted right in as she hung out with local namibian women who go topless.
The sexy South African 'pantless' dancer took a tour of Namibia last month and blended with the locals. She dressed like them, went about with breasts left bare, ate their food, and mingled with them.
Following her trip, she said: "Although I felt fear for a moment, the Namibians proved me wrong!”
The sexy dancer said by the end of her trip, she felt she had become a Namibian.
She added:
I dressed like them and danced for them and they all loved me. I was part of the Himba tribe for a day.
I felt like I was in heaven when I walked around with my breasts out.
Zodwa said she never expected such a warm welcome outside of South Africa’s borders. She said people in Namibia were living original lives and were not ignorant as they were living naked and without fear. She said she never realised there were other people who left their breasts and bums uncovered.
She said:
I admire their bodies. I felt represented because of the way I was treated there.
She said Namibians were living a pure African life rather than embracing Western values and they should continue like this.
Speaking of what she appreciated the most about the country, she said:
The most important thing is that it was the first time I was not judged while performing outside of the country.



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