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Friday, 9 November 2018

Video: 5 reasons why you should learn software development - Software engineer, Ibukun Adeniyi writes

Video: 5 reasons why you should learn software development -?Software engineer, Ibukun Adeniyi writes

Ibukun Adeniyi, one of Nigeria's leading Software engineers and entrepreneur shares 5 major tips on why software development is the future and why everyone should get on board.
1-  Great career opportunity as a software development and other related jobs.
2-  Development of a very analytical mind. Your mind would be trained to work faster, making it easier to breakdown complex work and life related challenges.
3-  Learn how to earn up to 1.5 million Naira monthly.
4- Work flexible hours from the comfort of your home.
5- Job security, never have to look for a job again, employers would be looking for you. 
Software development is in very high demand as there are more jobs than people to do them. Go to register today or follow us @thehackacademy on instagram or call 08038165991.
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