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Monday, 19 November 2018

LASEMA officials cry out over four months of unpaid salary. Management reacts

LASEMA officials cry out over four months of unpaid salary. Management reacts

Aggrieved members of staff of the Response unit of the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA), have accused the management of the agency of holding on to their salaries for four months and exposing them to unfavorable working conditions.The response unit is the arm of the agency with the people who go out for interventions after they have received information about an emergency.

In a mail sent to LIB, the aggrieved members of staff said everyone in their unit which is being ''mismanaged'' by Avantgarde Management Services (AMS), is being owed up to four months of salary and that the agency is doing little or nothing to rectify this anomaly.

According to them, their work station in Oshodi has no power and they are exposed to all kinds of hazards while working.

''The Major Base which is at Oshodi, is currently cut-off from NEPA (PHCN). This is a base that accommodates over 50 people at a time, and houses all the heavy equipment of the Agency. This base remains without Electricity sometimes all through the night exposing workers to mosquitoes and rats and diseases because the toilets don't have running water during this periods. Emergency Responders work under the very inhumane conditions. The guys you see everyday as heroes attending to emergencies are not being treated well when they return back to their bases'' the aggrieved staff said

The mail continues

Can you believe that Some LASEMA staff collect as low as N17,500(Seventeen Thousand, Five Hundred Naira) (excluding hazard allowances) as monthly salary from the state government? These same guys don't even have insurance of any sort and they risk their lives on the roads, or highways attending to emergencies, carrying dead bodies, exposure to serious risks (if anything happens to them, they are on their own).
In fact, some staff don't even get salaries until about 15th of the next month. The guys "up there" treat the workers without any regards.
All the other bases are not befitting for workers as they are infested with deadly mosquitoes and rats.
can you please do some research about how Emergency Responders are being treated in other countries?

LIB reached out to the General Manager of LASEMA, Tiamiyu Muyiwa Adesina, who denied the allegation. He told LIB that at the moment, no staff of the agency is being owed a dime and that the work station in Oshodi has been  rehabilitated since. He asked any of the aggrieved staff to come forward with proof that they are being owed salaries.



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