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Thursday, 8 November 2018

Irregular Menstruation? See how to restore delayed periods, boost ovulation and enhance fertility naturally!

Irregular Menstruation? See how to restore delayed periods, boost ovulation and enhance fertility naturally!

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I wish I could take the credit.
But I can’t.
I owe this discovery to the super nice midwife that helped me deliver my last set of kids.
She went for a year training course in Singapore. When she came back, I complained to her about how my 21 year old house help stopped seeing her period over 9 months and she wasn’t pregnant (I took her to the hospital myself and she was actually confirmed still a virgin).
She said exactly what the doctor told me earlier – “Don’t worry. Her period will likely reappear on its own.”
But she also told me that while she was in training in Singapore, their departmental head doctor used a particular product to induce delayed periods and regulating ovulation for women seeking to get pregnant.
Well, I was worried!
My girl is due to return to her parents after spending 8 good years with me…and I wanted to send her home “whole “…in this part of the world people can easily label you all sorts especially if you’re successful and their daughters’ period suddenly goes missing!
So I was desperate for a solution.
My matron friend got in contact with her departmental head doctor in Singapore and we got the product details. Apparently, since it’s an ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), we could only get the product directly from the TCM manufacturer!
The manufacturer insisted on us getting a minimum order quantity of 100 pieces.
What? Really?
“What on earth would I do with a 100 pieces”, I thought?
I was desperate for results (you see, we had tried some local herbs and the many so called herbal flushers available in the market with no results), so I decided to create a small awareness on Facebook to see if there were other women with similar issues.
Goodness me!
The response was simply mind blowing!
I truly didn’t know that missing/delayed periods and irregular ovulation was such an issue.
In less than 24 hours women called me from all over the country to pre-order! The first 100 pieces I ordered was paid for and exhausted in less than 48 hours of its arrival in Lagos!
Talk about accidental good luck discovery!
I kept 3 packs (60 days worth for my girl). I and my matron friend monitored her closely.
Guess what?
In exactly 29 days of taking this herbal remedy in teabag form, my girl’s period was restored!
First it was 3 days every month. Now a stable 4 days every month since then. No pain. No clots and no relapse!
I’m happy.
For her and for me.
Now I can send her home this Xmas season with zero worries!

Healthy Menstrual Flow And Fertility Tea

Irregular Menstruation? See how to restore delayed periods, boost ovulation and enhance fertility naturally!

Amazing Health Benefits You Need To Know
  • Detoxify the liver…so your hormones can balance naturally
  • Cleanses old blood from the uterus
  • Promotes optimal circulation to your reproductive system
  • Corrects irregular periods – promotes regular monthly periods
  • Promotes regular on-time ovulation
  • Assists in removing growth in the womb …cysts and fibroid
  • Cleanses the Fallopian tube pathway for easier conception
  • Prevents recurrent miscarriages
The question is…what makes this awesome herbal remedy so powerful?
Yes, there are six tested and proven herbs that boost period and ovulation but there’s a really old almost forgotten ancient TCM ingredient “Ejiao” that was responsible for the Chinese women of old giving birth like rats …they gave birth so much, so frequently that their own government had to restrict child birth to one per family!

This ingredient is now only used rarely in cases where periods, ovulation and fertility in elite Asian women have to be induced!


Irregular Menstruation? See how to restore delayed periods, boost ovulation and enhance fertility naturally!

You Should Take This Tea If:
1.) Your period is long delayed and missing, yet you’re not pregnant.
2.) Your ovulation is irregular or absent
3.) You’re trying to enhance chances of fertility naturally (excellent for egg follicle development!)
4.) You’ve been diagnosed with ovarian cysts and/or fibroid or blocked fallopian tube
5.) You have a long history of recurrent miscarriages
Our customers get great results…period!
I’m often amazed by the sheer joy and thankfulness in their voices when they call back with testimonials. With so many options it’s only natural for you to be skeptical about the results, and so I simply want to challenge you to try it and be amazed by the results for yourself!
At the moment of publishing this article, you stand the chance of getting a FREE pack of Healthy Menstrual Flow And Fertility Tea when you order.

But, Here’s A Little Problem:
This herbal remedy is somewhat rare and the manufacturer is often overbooked for supplies!
I can only order 100 pieces per time…and wait a long queue of 4 months or more to receive my order.
This Is What Happens…
Available stock is extremely limited. This means less quantity available for the thousands of people reading this article right now… and we operate First come, first served!
Using this link you will be able to order the product and more importantly, we will also give you expert holistic advice on the best way to prevent a recurrence.
We deliver to you nationwide!
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I eagerly look forward to receive and SHARE your testimonials too!



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