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Monday, 19 November 2018

'I will look after your children' - Kimora Lee Simmons says as they hold homegoing celebration for her late BFF, Kim Porter

American model, Kimora Lee Simmons, has promised her late BFF and Diddy's ex-partner, Kim Porter, that she will look after her children following her sudden death.

Kim Porter was found dead last week Thursday after battling the flu that turned to pneumonia. Before her death, the model and actress, 47, who was with Diddy for 13 years, reportedly phoned her doctor and said she wasn't feeling any better. Although, the exact cause of her death has not been revealed.

In an emotional Instagram post, Kimora Lee Simmons revealed they held a homegoing celebration for Kim yesterday and also promised to take care of the four children she left behind.
Sharing series of photos with the late Porter, Kimora wrote: 
At your homegoing celebration today it became all too real that you are not coming back. I cannot stop crying but I will be strong for you. Gone WAY too soon. Wtf. I am in shock. To my beautiful friend and sister, I love you.?? This is unbelievable. When I first heard the news, I was angry that someone would play such a stupid ass joke. 
They said you were in your room sleeping. Aoki and I rushed to your house to tell you to ‘get up and come your ass outside!’ But soon as i arrived I realized you would not come.
Every room I walk into now I think, “ok, I will just go and get Kim.” But I see that I cannot. This is all too close and too sad. Your light was a beaming beacon for so many. You are A WHOLE MOOD! You are a girls girl which is why we’ve stayed close always. We are so alike in so many ways, we shared clothes, food, attitudes, friends, enemies, the greatest happinesses and the worst sadnesses.
We’ve been married, given birth, raised families, gotten divorced, experienced death and everything in between-together. You are a great mama. Between us we have 8 kids who are all cousins. We are, and will always be-a family. I will look after yours and you will look after and guide us all. 

What a beautiful, loving, sassy soul to have lost. We love you forever. May God bless your journey. We will never stop crying for you??



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