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Thursday, 4 October 2018

LIB Exclusive: 'I will come after you and yours' - Leke Adeboye warns Daddy Freeze for insulting his mum

Before now, Pastor Leke Adeboye and Daddy Freeze weren't best of friends and now, its gotten a bit messy.

Today, Daddy Freeze reacted to a sermon by Pastor Leke's 70-year old mum where she advised youths to seek the counsel of their pastors first before their parents when they decide they want to get married


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Daddy Freeze reacted to the sermon by saying, 'are these people beginning to manifest early signs of senility. These teachings have no recourse to the Bible! Jesus himself said you shouldn’t give money meant for your parents to the temple, let alone this trash'.

In a swift reaction, Pastor Leke sent a warning to Freeze via Whatsapp saying,  'I will come after you and yours'.

See the chat below exclusively obtained by LIB.



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