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Friday, 5 October 2018

"I don't like my family" Toni Braxton confesses (video)

"I don

Toni Braxton made a confession that made her family quite uncomfortable and elicited strange stares from them.

In an upcoming episode of their family's reality TV show, 'Braxton Family Values', Toni Braxton confessed that she doesn’t really like her family, and if they weren't her family, she wouldn’t have any of them as friends.

Toni told life coach Iyanla Vanzant in the presence of her entire family:
I am confessing that, although I love my family, most of the time I don’t like my family. Everyone in my family. Everybody. I feel like I’m angry at everybody in my family. I don’t like my family. If they weren’t my family, they wouldn’t be my friends.

The look on her siblings' faces when she made the confession says it all about how it made them feel.
Watch the video below.



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