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Wednesday, 12 September 2018

2019: 'I am starting to think that one should step up and send them packing for good' - Oby Ezekwesili hints at running for Presidency

In a series of tweets this morning, former minister of Education and convener of the Bring Back Our Girls movement, Oby Ezekwesili hinted at the possibility of running for office of the president come 2019.

According to her, 'I am starting to think that one should step up and send them packing for good. I am beginning to think, Why NOT? I am beginning to think, Let’s all arise and take on these old order candidates because after all, a time comes when Enough becomes really and truly enough'.

She also said, 'If I should declare to contest for elective office today, some will throw tantrum, some will mock &some will yimu. But guess what? Many others will join me in my RESOLVE to show that all things are possible. #LetsFightForIt! I NEVER HEAR traducers once my mind is made up'.



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