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Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Young boys can't stop staring at Kim Kardashian's backside (photos) 

Young boys can

A recent photo of Kim Kardashian out on a date with husband Kanye West has been shared online but fans are more concerned about two young boys who could not take their eyes off Kim's backside.

The young boys seemed transfixed to the spot as Kim and Kanye strolled down the street during their glamorous date. Their gaze was firmly fixed on Kim's curvy body as she walked past them and they were unable to be discreet about it.

Young boys can

At some point, a woman seemed to notice one of the boys had been staring too much and tried to turn the boy's head to take his attention away from Kim.

Young boys can

See more photos below.

Young boys can
Young boys can
(photo credit: Backgrid)



  1. Children of nowadays ni. When we are small, we don't care to turn our neck when anything not even a dog sef passes by.