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Wednesday, 1 August 2018

13 years after, Isha Sesay quits her job at CNN

13 years?after, Isha Sesay quits her job at CNN
Isha Sesay, a popular broadcaster with CNN has announced her exit from the organisation after spending 13 years.  

She broke the news on social media a few minutes ago saying “it’s really happening, folks!! After more than a decade behind the desk with those three red letters… I HAVE LEFT CNN.”  
Speaking on the reason for her exit in an interview with Whatweseeee, Sesay said,
“It’s an exciting time for me and a nerve-wracking one. I’m writing a book about the Chibok girls, it’s being released in May 2019. It really speaks to where my head is at, currently a lot more coverage about Africa, a lot more work on the continent, and a lot more focus on young girls. That’s what I’m about right now.”
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