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Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Lady tests her boyfriend's loyalty by asking her friend to seduce him but it doesn't end the way she hoped (video)

Lady tests her boyfriend
A girlfriend who doubted her boyfriend’s loyalty decided to test him by getting her best friend to try to seduce him while they filmed his reaction.
Ashley was already suspicious of boyfriend Bart who had previously shown an interest in her pretty brunette friend Alex.
"She’s the kind of girl you don’t want to leave in the room with your boyfriend," explains Ashley, on the latest episode of To Catch A Cheater on YouTube.
"He’s even made jokes with me about having a threesome with her."
So Ashley roped Alex into setting up Bart on his lunch break and sent hidden cameras along to capture the conversation.

Lady tests her boyfriend

Alex dressed in denim hotpants and a tight white crop top for the loyalty test and as soon as Bart showed up in a restaurant car park, she rushed to hug him. Next, she casually drops into conversation that she’s split up with her boyfriend and plans to make him jealous by showing off her "revenge body. She then asks Bart to check out her body.
"You look nice," Bart tells Alex in admiration.

Lady tests her boyfriend

Alex then tries invites him over, saying: "We could just like, I don’t know, watch a movie or order pizza."
He replies: "Yeah, yeah, I could do that"
Lady tests her boyfriend

All the while, Bart's girlfriend Ashley was watching and the moment her boyfriend accepts to go on a date with her best friend, her jaw drops.
To throw Bart off the scent, Alex tells him she and Ashley "are kinda on the rocks" so it would be best if he doesn’t tell his girlfriend about it. And Bart confirms he has no problem in going along with that.
Alex then goes on to compliment Bart and gets him to pick her up while commenting on how strong he is. And Bart happily obliges.
"Can I see that revenge body?" Bart asks.
"Hell yeah, you can! You like? You can explore it more tonight." Alex replies.
Lady tests her boyfriend

Ashley looks on in shock as Bart exchanges numbers with Alex to meet up later in the evening. At this point, she decides she has had enough and immediately declares her relationship with him over.
Below is the video.



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