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Wednesday, 23 May 2018

PH City's finest rappers, Cool Cat release audio of their new single ''Sauce It Up''

PH City

It all started from a joke, the duo cool cat whose real names are sick tha Mgb and quincy ranks are trappers from garden city.
The idea is to bring good sound to Africa and a platform for young kids to show their talent.
They produced their first song by a freestyle titled out the be ,they are used to doing more of freestyles cause it helps them improve (they say).
The founder of cool cat Muzik goes by the name Eze Nelson kosisochukwu , they are several other artists and crew members ..
You can log on to /
IG coolcatmuzikgang
Twitter - cool cat Muzik Gang,
Facebook  - Coolcatmuzik. ...To find more about the label. 
Nelson kosi Eze (sick tha Mgb) was born 28 December 1993, Quincy Onome Ojuederie (quincy rank$) was born 13 November 1997 .
To find more about them IG @ sick_tha_mgb  FB @ Nelson kosi Eze ..IG @quincy_ranks FB @quincyranksyrn.
The song sauce it up is a freestyle, it's funny but the idea behind it was Genesis Burge

Sauce it Up download link below.



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