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Thursday, 5 April 2018

#VisaBae: The hilarious story of Zimbabwean slay queen whose visa expires in a month and is now begging for money on social media

#VisaBae: The hilarious story of Zimbabwean slay queen whose visa expires in a month and is now begging for money on social media

Social media is currently buzzing with the hashtag #VisaBae which tells the story of beautiful young woman from Zimbabwe by the name of Rutendo Tichiwangani.

As a social media slay queen, she's known as rlt_ on Instagram and Rlt on YouTube and her story is as hilarious as it gets. 

Rutendo Tichiwangani boasts of over 70.6k followers on Instagram and 9k subscribers on YouTube as a result of her lavish social media lifestyle that makes her look larger than life.
Sadly, her visa to stay in the UK is due to expire in one month! And she needs £2300 to pay for it so she can remain in the UK. She however can't afford the visa fee so she has started a Gofundme account. 

Unfortunately, people have lost a lot of sympathy for her fake social media life and how unreasonable she has been for the last 6 years not to have saved up the money required for her visa fee instead of slaying on social media.
Anyway can we not be too harsh on Rutendo. Visa dilemmas aren’t always easy and straightforward things to deal with. Most of us are fortunate enough not to know that life.
So is trending, I’m tired of social media 😂 .... I genuinely believe the girl & it’s easy for people to say she’s should have saved etc but we really don’t know her situation! Coming on the internet to ask for money is no joke, I wish her the best.
Imagine next video is “Trip to Maldives” 😂😂😂 Donators y’all better find her IP Address
When I actually saw the title


God forbid I thought it was life threatening and was even prepared to donate myself till I read the comments on YouTube 😶🙄
I don’t understand. She knew this day was coming but didn’t save?? I’m tired loool
All of her friends coming for us because we ain’t buying the story.. why didn’t u pay for your lovely and adorable friends visa huuuuhhh??? Trash friends
Somewhere in Birmingham a promoter is a making flyer for an event called Issa Visa Party
One of her subscribers commented that they donated £500 because she has a nice personality please oga I have a nice personality where’s my £500
The thing that pisses me off the most about is the fact that she said she quit her job because it wasn’t for her. She knew she had a visa to pay for and the deadline was coming. So now she’s on YouTube begging people who actually WORK for their money to fund her visa 😐
A fashion blogger who has lived in the UK since she was 10, fears she will be deported to Zimbabwe.

Rutendo Tichiwangani portrays a luxury lifestyle online - but has now asked her followers for financial help a month before her visa ends. | @ClaudiaLizaTV
It makes me mad because there are so many legitimate causes that need funding on gofundme that deserve all the help but don't get it. Then you have the come and just abuse it because they’re too lazy to work hard meanwhile living a lavish lifestyle
TL: What are you going to do with the additional £2k? :
going to the bank to cash in that gofundme money before she gets caught scamming

has to beg for 2K because her man is Zim. Them man there are stingy. He couldn't help his girl?


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