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Thursday, 5 April 2018

Too much or too cute? Couple's nearly nude pregnancy photos gets mixed reactions

Too much or too cute? Couple

An expectant couple had a pregnancy photo shoot and the photos have gone viral online, but some social media users think the nude or nearly nude pregnancy shoots are getting out of hand.
In the photos, the woman looks to be completely naked, with only gold coloured glitter on her body.  The man had on a pair of shorts but he was bare from the waist up and also had glitters on his body.
Their photos are not unlike other such nude photos that seem to be the trend these days, but it seems people have had enough and are dropping negative comments on the photos. There were also positive comments describing the photos as "cute".
See the photos below and tell where you stand on this.

Too much or too cute? Couple
Too much or too cute? Couple
Too much or too cute? Couple


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