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Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Why getting a Canadian permanent residence visa is easier than getting a student Visa

Why getting a Canadian permanent residence visa is easier than getting a student Visa

Are you planning on applying for a Canadian Visiting, Student or Permanent Residence Visa? Then listen up.
Getting a visa to Canada as you most likely have heard is worse than ‘JAMB’. That’s quite ironic as the Canada Government themselves welcome immigrants so ‘’wetin con dey worry dis visa officers for here sef’’. ‘’They’re certainly overzealous!’’, you might also say. But why blame them? They are just in alignment with Newton’s third law that states that – ‘For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction’. The overwhelming denial in recent times is a clear reaction of certain actions. What actions? you may ask, well, I will let you know before the end of this article.
If you want to apply for a Canadian visiting or tourism visa in these current times, ensure the following;
  1. you are a frequent traveller and have valid visas to a number of make sense countries, possibly US, UK etc.
  2. and for Canada student visa, you’re most likely to get it if you are going for an undergraduate program and of course you’re about the age of 16 or at most 18 years old.
All other factors like financial circumstance, etc., must remain in good standing. If you have visited say just Dubai and are applying for a Canadian visiting visa, well… good luck. If you are 21, 28, 31… etc. and applying for a student visa and especially without existing visas for top countries on your passport, good luck too.
The sad truth is that it’s the action of our fellow Nigerians that caused this counter reaction of many denials. Nigerians currently hold the gold medal for asylum seekers in Canada! They apply to visit or study, when they get there they go seeking asylum for the purpose of getting permanent residency. Na wa oo, e no easy, it will surprise you to know the kind of people who seek asylum too; bankers, high income earners etc. So, think about it, as a visa officer why should I issue you a visa to Canada if you don’t hold visas of other top countries. How else can I tell that you are planning on returning to your home country. Yes, you may have 10 houses and 100 million naira in your father’s account, but Akin, Musa and Emeka your brothers came with same last 10 months and they have sought asylum. For a student less than 16 years old, they are in good standing, as they consider such a person a relatively good addition to their country than people who have been formed in their ways.
Many people don’t know that there is certainly a better way to migrate to Canada. It’s called the Express Entry Program. First introduced on January 1st 2015, it’s been improved upon and made more ‘migrant friendly’ a number of times in 2016 and 2017. The Program is currently at the most lenient state and it’s the fastest permanent immigration routes that exists today, hence our advice – ‘make hay while the sun shines’. These policies aren’t permanent
So many people think this program is a Canada Visa Lottery but it isn’t. This program gives you an opportunity to make your dream come true.
The Canada Immigration Express Entry is the new selection system for Canadian immigration, designed to select skilled workers for immigration to Canada. Express Entry is a completely electronic process involving the Canadian federal government, provincial governments, and employers.
Migrating to Canada takes approximately 6months of which applicants will be assessed on their:
  • English and/or French language skills,
  • Education,
  • Work experience, and other criteria.
For you to be part of the applicant for the immigration express entry, you have to first create a profile which is very necessary. After which you update your IELTS score alongside your education assessment report and other required document when you obtain them. If your total score meets the requirement for the Canada express entry, then you are qualified to receive an “Invitation to Apply” for Permanent Residency.
It is important to know that by accepting the invitation to apply, you have 90days to provide immigration with all the necessary information and documentation. If found satisfactory you will be requested to submit your passport for your PR Visa.
The important trick here is to submit a profile that enables you to score enough points to be selected from the pool
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Applicants can apply with his/her family.
PALs Concierge can save you the stress and help you with this important process.
The services we will provide you:
  • Canada Immigration advice.
  • Eligibility Assessment and review.
  • Help process pool submission.
  • Provision of IELTS success guide
  • Select the best Canada immigration program for you; either the federal express entry program or provincial nomination etc.
  • Improve your chances of being selected for ITA.
  • Review of application documents.
  • Get regular information on the developing immigration updates
  • Solving Proof of Funds Hassles.
For further information regarding the procedures for applying for Canadian Permanent Residence or top notch guide towards a successful Canada visa application, please contact us via:
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