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Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Photos: 12-year-old boy's hands amputated in Gombe after they got infected due to punishment meted out to him by his teacher

 Photos: 12-year-old boy

A 12- year -old boy named Zubair Abubakar in Gombe State had his hands amputated after the punishment meted on him by his teacher for allegedly stealing a phone led to the cessation of bloodflow to his hands
 Photos: 12-year-old boy

Doctors said they had to amputate the boy’s two hands because they had become infected and gangrenous
 Photos: 12-year-old boy

It was gathered that the boy allegedly stole a cellphone which made the head teacher of his school, one Malam Sirajo Mohammed, to tie his hands as a punishment.

 Photos: 12-year-old boy

The boy later developed an infection that led to complications, resulting in the amputation of his two hands at the Federal Teaching Hospital , Gombe.


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