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Saturday, 3 March 2018

Married Nigerian man pulls out belt and flogs his wife after she slapped his 'young side chick' at Filmhouse Cinemas

Married Nigerian man pulls out belt and flogs his wife after she slapped his

Today, President Buhari is in Kano State to attend the wedding ceremony of Governor Ajimobi’s son who is getting married to Governor Ganduje’s daughter.

Nigerians on social media are however criticising the president who is yet to visit Benue State after the string of Fulani herdsmen killings and Dap’chi where several Nigerians have been killed and kidnapped in recent weeks.

See all the reactions below...
Buhari in Kano for Ganduje's daughters wedding. This is insensitivity at a scale unprecedented and unknown in contemporary politics anywhere the world over.
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President Buhari in Kano to "CELEBRATE" the abduction of 110 Dapchi School girls abi?

Same way he never visited Benue State when 73 Nigerians were killed by Fulani herdsmen and buried in one day.
President Buhari attends wedding in Kano, but REFUSED to visit Benue where scores were slaughtered by terrorist herdsmen. Mr Buhari daily, through his actions and the inactions, tells us where his priorities lie.
Jonathan was in Kano after a bomb blast. We cried our eyes out and insulted him to the highest heavens.

Buhari in Kano to attend a wedding. Refused to visit Benue and Yobe. No noise.
So President Buhari is going to Kano today for wedding of the daughters of Ganduje/Ajimobi but couldn't visit Dapchi or Benue, Adamawa or Taraba? Kai

The way Buhari was screaming when Chibok happened and insulting GEJ, you will think he will be in the bush now in Lake Chad.
The fire incident that occurred in Kano long ago, Buhari didn't care to visit and console those that massively voted for him. Recent kidnapping and killings in Borno, Benue and Taraba all didn't count but a wedding fatiha of Governors children does. Buhari is a man of God.
Schoolgirls were abducted last week in Dapchi, before that there were killings in several parts of the country like Benue, Zamfara and Adamawa also previous night there were killings in IDP camp in Maiduguri and Buhari did not visit d states, but decided to for wedding in Kano
You can always feel the joy in Buhari's face whenever he visits Kano. He knows the people shares many similarities with him, from sharia/religious extremism, under age marriage, under age voting etc. The man feels at home in Kano even more than he does in Aso Rock.
Buhari will probably have 5m votes from Kano in 2019 hence the need to attend this wedding. This is the only logical explanation for his attendance after all that happened in Dapchi & Rann
In modern history it is unheard of for a sitting president to wine and dine when thousands of the citizenry and murdered cheaply like poultry chickens without the least concerns or empathy.
Buhari presence in Kano is the height of insults on the sensibility of the nation. Without recourse to partisanship Nigerians are hereby called to rescue their nation from sadism and incompetence that characterize the present leadership.
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So Buhari can attend wedding in Kano, but couldn’t visit where over 100 girls were abducted due to the failure of his government to protect them. 


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