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Thursday, 1 March 2018

Here's how Nigerians are reacting to the return of Yusuf Buhari from his medical trip to Germany


Less than 24 hours ago, President Buhari's son, Yusuf returned to Nigeria two months after he suffered a head injury while riding his motorbike.

Yusuf was away in Germany where he had gone for treatement and his return has been generating mixed reactions on Nigerian social media.
Yusuf Buhari arrived to Nigeria, meets his Daddy

Thanks to God for total healing

Shame on death wishers

Yusuf survived just like his Dad
Same way Nigeria survived recession

We triumph still
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We thank Almighty Allah for the safe return of Yusuf Buhari after receiving first class medical treatment. We also thank God for protecting UNILAG students whose school remain open despite medical workers' strike putting 30,000 lives at risk. Amen.
After two months of secrecy, cover-ups, outright lies by @ngrpresident handlers @FemAdesina @GarShehu and over €5m spent on medical treatment in Germany, Yusuf Buhari Returns To Nigeria | Sahara Reporters 
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Yusuf Buhari arrives Nigeria through Abuja Airport looking hale and hearty.

Baba Buhari is in good health
Yusuf Buhari is in good health

The haters who wish them dead will not survive it. (Amen)
Now that Yusuf Buhari is back, I expect the Governor of Kogi State to declare public holiday as usual.
The president's son had a ghastly accident he went for treatment and came back,family & loved ones came to the airport t o welcome him including a minister and our people are ranting...FYI Yusuf Buhari is not an ordinary citizen like you,stop deceiving your poor self!..
Only sadists will not be happy for the recovery of Yusuf Buhari.

They wish the father dead, now sad that the son is also back to his feet.

Are you cursed with bad news?

Your Generation won't Exscaped bad News if you don't repent.
Can someone tell me Yusuf Buhari's post in this government? that a federal minister will left his duty to go and welcome him?
Prof Osagie Ehanire at 64 and a minister, left his office, drove to the airport to give Yusuf Buhari (most likely in his early 20s) guard of honour on his return to Nigeria after spending weeks in German hospital.
Happy that Yusuf Buhari came back hale and hearty. It's what we have been praying for. His recovery is our wish.

Welcome back, Yusuf Buhari.

In Germany, over €5m (2199663250.00 Nigerian Naira) was spent on his medical treatment and he flew in by private jet.

I wish every Nigerian have same opportunity as you, Yusuf.

This is CHANGE!
Yusuf Buhari home coming trend, bcos APC led govt is filled wit liars n fools, who dnt have d fear of God.

Alhamdulillah. Yusuf buhari is back from Germany for his medical check up


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