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Thursday, 1 February 2018

Photos: Married Kenyan man kills his girlfriend then commits suicide

 Photos: Married Kenyan man kills his girlfriend then commits suicide

A 23-year-old welder in Thika East, Kiambu County, Kenya committed suicide after killing his 27-year-old girlfriend following a disagreement on Saturday, January 27.
Timothy Ndirangu, a married man and father of two, allegedly strangled Grace Wanjiru after three months of a turbulent relationship.
A caretaker, who was cleaning the houses, which Wanjiru and Ndirangu lived in discovered the bodies of the two, when a strong stench of decomposing bodies emanated from the pair’s one-roomed house.
 Photos: Married Kenyan man kills his girlfriend then commits suicide
Wanjiru’s body was lying on the bed, while Ndirangu’s body was dangling on a rope tied to the eaves of the house. The caretaker screamed, attracting neighbours’ attention to the scene.
According to Ndirangu’s father, Musyoki Musembi, the couple fought bitterly on Thursday, January 25 after a disagreement ensued between them. The two were separated but reunited two days later, when the fatal incidents occurred.
Musembi said Wanjiru reported Ndiranngu to Ngoliba Police Station, where he (Ndirangu) was ordered to refrain from engaging in physical confrontation with Wanjiru. The couple also resorted to ending their relationship; that was on Thursday, January 25.
Wanjiru, who hailed from Nguku Village in Kandara Constituency, Murang’a County was a teacher at Wapa Primary School, whereas Ndirangu was a welder in Thika.
Wanjiru had only worked for one term at Wapa Primary School after graduating from Mount Kenya University.
The two lived together in a rental house, which was located a few meters from Wanjiru’s workplace.
According to Ndirangu’s sister, Mary, her brother reunited with his wife last Thursday after bringing to an end his relationship with Wanjiru.
Mary alleged that Wanjiru kept calling Ndirangu on phone despite their relationship being non-existent.
Mary further said Ndirangu gave in to Wanjiru’s demands, and returned to her place on Saturday, January 27, when the killings happened.
According to Wanjiru’s cousin, the family had warned her against dating another woman’s husband.
Thika East Assistant County Commissioner Alex Kaburu, who confirmed the incident, said authorities separated the two after it became clear that both of them wanted the relationship to end.
“It remains unclear what led to the suspected murder and suicide on Saturday,” said Kaburu.
The bodies of the two were taken to General Kago Mortuary in Thika.


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