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Sunday, 11 February 2018

Man kills employer, cut off his penis and then ate it to prevent victim’s spirit from haunting him

 Man kills employer, cut off his penis and then ate it to prevent victim?s spirit from haunting him

In a shocking case of penile cannibalism, Police in the Batanghari Regency of Sumatra’s Jambi Province, Indonesia said that a 54-year-old man has confessed to killing employer, cutting off his penis and then eating it to prevent victim’s spirit from haunting him.

The man identified as Terusman and his 16-year-old son, identified by his initials RD, on December 7, murdered M Dasrullah, a palm oil plantation owner who employed the suspects.

Based on Terusman’s confession to the police, he had whacked Dasrullah repeatedly with a machete while the victim was asleep in a hut, killing him.

With the help of his son RD, they took Dasrullah’s body to bury it, but not before Terusman mutilated the victim’s penis.
“After I cut him, I buried him. I took his ‘vital tool’ back to the hut,” Terusman said.
He then boiled the penis and sprinkled in some spices from the kitchen.
“I boiled the penis before I eventually ate it myself, so that the victim’s spirit wouldn’t haunt me,” he said.
The police said that Terusman and RD were arrested at two different locations several days after the murder and after they had split up.
Terusman has reportedly shown no remorse over his actions, and admitted that he and his son had plotted to kill Dasrullah for over a week as the victim had allegedly withheld their salaries for the three years that they had worked for him, which amounted to IDR20 million (US$1,474).
Both have been charged with premeditated murder, with Terusman facing life imprisonment and possibly the death penalty while RD could face lighter penalties due to his status as a minor.


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