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Friday, 16 February 2018

How I earned 250K as a Corper last month

How I earned 250K as a Corper last month

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My name is Kelly, I’m currently serving in Lagos and last month, I earned N250k.
This is my story. When I was posted to Lagos from Kaduna, I didn’t know anyone and like many corpers out there, I was left unsure of the next step to take. My initial primary place of assignment rejected me, I didn’t have a PPA and I was squatting with a friend.
Finally, I got accepted to teach English at a secondary school that offered to pay N8, 000 per month plus my regular Federal Government allowance of N19, 800, I earned a meager amount of N27, 800 in total. If you live in Lagos, you’d understand that you can’t possibly survive on that let alone slay. My transport alone was about N9, 000 per month.
I decided to try my luck and got myself enrolled in a real estate training program I had found online. They equipped me with sales techniques and assigned properties that helped me excel at selling to anyone anywhere. And this training was absolutely free.
At first, I thought I couldn’t do it, I felt like an ordinary corper who had no top connections but I still went ahead to talk to the few people I knew; my family, friends, people at my church and just like that I got my first buyer.
True to their word, I earned N250k as the commission for my first sale. As you can imagine, it was unbelievable. I resolved to work twice as hard. I employed the digital marketing strategies I learned from my training and guess what, sales exploded. To cut to the chase, my life is fabulous and yours can be too.
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