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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

''Senators can’t confront President Buhari on killings because they want to be re-elected'' Senator Shehu Sani says

Senator Shehu Sani who represents Kaduna central in the Senate, yesterday accused his colleagues of not confronting President Buhari over the recent killings in Nigeria because they want to be re-elected in 2019. Senator Sani who is very outspoken, said this while speaking on the floor of the senate yesterday January 16th.
“It has reached a point today that people have lost hope in the government . We are here trying to massage the ego than tell the truth. We don’t want to confront the presidency and the president because people want to come back to the 9th senate. They do not want to lose their ticket and people are killed in this country. I am very sorry.
''Something I like with the presidency, when it comes to the issue of directing attack to the national assembly, they don’t in anyway curtail, reduce or suppress any of the missiles. When it comes to our turn, they point their finger to where the problem is. You see some form of cowardice, escapism, and people try to water down the truth. In the report that was represented before us, federal government was mentioned about seven and we are all part of the federal government. The security of country is under the control of the commander in chief. Why are you shying away? We are calling on the president to wake up and stand up and protect this country.”
Speaking further, he said 
“Some few days ago, I saw the leaders and elders from Benue in the villa. You are bereaved and your people are killed. The villa should go to Benue not Benue going to villa. Governors that are supposed to be chief executive of the states are every day and every week leaving their post to the villa to go and endorse the president. I think we should tell ourselves the truth. Things are not going right in this country. We are failing, people are dying in their thousands.”


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