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Thursday, 4 January 2018

Leadway Assurance cracks up the streets with #DriveAssured street giveaway

Leadway Assurance cracks up the streets with #DriveAssured street giveaway

It’s the season of celebration and we are more than excited to relish the joy and happiness that has filled the atmosphere. From the holiday rewards and sales, to the exchange of gifts and bonuses from organizations and individuals, there is so much to love and cherish this holiday, especially when it comes as a surprise, just like the #DriveAssured Street Giveaway from Leadway Assurance Company.

Recently, in line with Leadway’s promise of insuring happiness, they hit the streets to spread the message of happiness, in partnership with the Federal Road Service Corps (FRSC). Motorists with valid motor insurance policies were taken unawares with a surprise gift from Leadway Assurance, giving them a taste of happiness they never saw coming. It is one of the loveliest experiences we have seen this season.

Just before you go, catch the full story of the #DriveAssured Street Giveaway in the video below. Enjoy!

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