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Thursday, 4 January 2018

Lady calls out popular Nigerian twitter user 'Sub Delivery Man' for refusing to give her t-fare because she denied him sex when she visited

Lady calls out popular Nigerian twitter user

A Nigerian female Twitter user, Slim Mummy took to the platform to call out the handler of popular Twitter account 'Sub Delivery Man' for allegedly treating her badly after she turned down his sexual advances when she visited him. 

According to Slim Mummy, they had been friends on Twitter for a while but decided to meet one on one for the first time at a hotel room where they both ate and drank, and after she turned down his sexual advances, he not only refused to give her transport fare back home but also asked to collect the 3,000 naira he had sent to her prior to their meeting.
See the thread beow...
We've been friends for 5-6months and he had a different handle then before it got suspended by twitter. I was on my own on a Saturday morning wen he told me to pay him a visit then this happened.

After helping me to get an online job from his former account, he dm'ed me with another account to reveal himself, I thanked him again for what he did and we became friends immediately. The convo mover from twitter to whatsapp where we exchanged pictures. Then this day came when
I had issues with my phone and I needed 6k to repair it, I called him and he transferred 3k to my account then I added the rest. We've always been planning to see but he always comes up with another excuse which I'm not really bothered about. Then he sent me a message on a
Saturday morning that I should come around, somewhere in iyana ipaja. I left my house around 12pm but unluckily for me I got there late in the evening cos traffic of which he was supposed to attend his friends wedding that same day and we planned going together. On getting there
It was a guest house, I met him at the bar and we got talking. I only drank water. Some minutes later, he told me to follow him and we went into a room. We sat on the bed and the normal thing started. Then he told me we should do and I said no. He stood up and got dressed.
In my mind I was like "wow this guy is so calm and gentle". He left the room angrily and told me to meet him outside. NOTE: I told him how costly the transportation is cos of fuel scarcity and he promised to return it when I come. He walked me down to the junction where I'd take
Bike and I asked for my tfare then he said he doesn't have. I got down from the bike and said haaaa, how do you now expect me to get home. I already know it's because of what happened in the room then I started apologizing but he kept on saying there's nothing wrong and was
Walking back to the guest house, I was still following and apologizing not even because of the money but I don't want to leave him when he's still mad at me. His friend saw me and said he thought I had gone already, then I explained what happened to him and he went to meet him.
Asked him why he behaved like that, I sha don't know what he told him. Then he came back to me and squeezed #500 in my hand. Jeeez.... I went to met his friend to direct me to any bank around so I could withdraw and go home then his friend told me to go and meet him. I was like
Why should I go and meet someone that is mad at me and I said no. He walked back to me and said I should give him back the #500 he gave me, I got angry and threw the money at him and it fell on the ground. The he snatched my phone from me. I started begging him for my phone and
To get on bikes but I kept pushing him down. It was a very terrible day for me. A man noticed I was begging him to give me my phone, it was this man that helped intervene before I got my phone back. I know you'll be wondering who this guy is, yes I'll mention his handle
He handled subdeliverypost that got suspended by twitter and now handles subdeliveryTwit. These are his pictures below 👇👇👇 LADIES please always have extra money with you when these guys invites you over, some of them are not that nice once you turn them down for sex. Peace out
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