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Monday, 8 January 2018

Is this the best movie of Omoni Oboli Yet?

Is this the best movie of Omoni Oboli Yet?

The actor and producer, Omoni Oboli is not new to filmmaking. From Being Mrs. Elliot, First Lady, Wives On Strike, Okafor’s Law and now to Wives on Strike Revolution. Is this Omoni Oboli’s best movie yet?
Except for Okafor’s Law, most of Omoni’s movie falls into the comedy genre. People seem to pick one fault with every movie while the star producer promises to do better with her next. Could her latest effort, Wives on Strike Revolution be the answer to those promises?
The movie has only enjoyed one week at the cinemas but reviews would make you wonder why you haven’t gotten off your butt to go see the movie.
From Odunlade’s performance to Julius Agwu, it was comic extra-ordinary. Toyin Abraham was the queen in this puzzle. Her role in the movie was customized for the actress as though she was born with it. She was so good that the audience expected to see her in every scene knowing she would give them something to laugh and jeer about. Her act in this movie can simply be described as world class.
The kudos should go to Omoni Oboli for a properly scripted movie that passes a very important message but in the most comic way ever. Her directorial expertise cannot be questioned as well. How one woman can act, produce and direct without falling short in either of them is a virtue only few possess, Omoni being one of them.
Wives on Strike Revolution follows up on the chronicles of the women’s fight against domestic violence after one of them was beaten to death by her husband. This leads to yet another strike, by the women against their husbands forcing their hands to stand up for what is right.
For those who have seen this movie, the question remains, is this Omoni Oboli’s best movie yet?


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