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Monday, 8 January 2018

'Igweship stool of Ojoto and false claim' - By Ofor Enugo Ojoto

The adage that says truth is constant always reoccurs in our day-to-day activities. No doubt, Igbo culture and tradition is sacrosanct in our land. For instance if you are an Osu (outcast), you cannot occupy the stool. If you have committed sacrilege or abominable act in your community, you are also not qualified to ascend to the throne.

Today, Ojoto community in Idemili South LGA of Anambra State, whose igweship stool became vacant one year ago, is faced with the challenge of selection process for the replacement. However, Ojoto has a lay down constitutional process of selecting an igwe. Apart from the constitutional provisions, there are also other criteria that must be met before a candidate is declared Igwe elect of the community.

In this case, a candidate, who felt the criteria would bar him from emerging Igwe elect, resolved to install himself as Igwe against all laid down criteria by the community. He also committed abomination against the Traditional institution of Ojoto. Rather than seeking for restitution for atrocity committed against the community, he resorted to blackmailing respected people of integrity from Ojoto in particular and the Anambra State Government. Indeed, desperation is a disease. 

The same person with his crony Tony Uche, after a failed alliance with APC with hope that APC would clinch to power in Anambra guber election and ensure he gets the certificate of recognition, they resorted to blackmail, accusing some innocent citizens of the community of giving put N50 million as bribe.

Clearly, N50 million is not a small amount of money that could be withdrawn from bank without traces; Tony Uche, Dennis Okafor and Edwin Umeghalu should feel free to furnish the police with copies of fake documents and proof of the said N50 million inducement to the relevant authorities.       

For the record, nobody coaxed Dennis Okafor into committing abominable acts in Ojoto, like Ikpu Iyi to kill sons and daughters of Ojoto that he now want to rule. This same man refused to recognise the reign of Late Igwe Adirika; he refused to recognise the reign of late Igwe Obidiwe. Instead, he teamed up with Edwin Umeghalu to withdraw Late Igwe Obidiwe’s certificate given by the Mbadinuju government.     

Obviously, your political son failed series of meetings with APC thinking that you can achieve your devilish ambition through APC. Your stooge Tony Uche if he’s honourable should resign from Obiano's administration because you cannot be working for APC and eating from APGA.

Ojoto people are too smart to be deceived with false publication cheap blackmail. The people have resolved to follow due process in producing the next Igwe of the community and no amount of cheap blackmail and media propaganda can stop that.


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