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Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Become an Qothoo partner and benefit from our car ownership scheme

Become an Qothoo partner and benefit from our car ownership scheme

If you like the idea of being your own boss and eventually owning a car for your transportation business, please read on!
Qothoo is a taxi hailing service that exists to create serenity in the transportation system. The Qothoo app is created to build a community that connects drivers and passengers in a seamless manner. We currently operate in two Nigerian cities; Lagos and Benin.
Become an Qothoo partner and benefit from our car ownership scheme
If you have good driving skills and would love to start making a comfortable income, we invite you to partner with us. There are several reasons why you should join Qothoo as a partner driver, a few are listed below:
  1. Get free training
After the sign up process is completed, each driver will be trained on how best to serve customers. You will also be enlightened about the payment process.
  1. Enjoy flexible working hours
Whether you drive full time and you only want to use Qothoo for a few hours during the week, we are your best bet. Imagine working without a boss, you indicate when you are set to drive and we pair you with an individual that needs a quick ride. There's no hanky-panky game as regards payment reports, you only pay when you earn.
  1. Are you Female? You will love working with us
With Qothoo, there is zero segregation. We believe in equal rights and abilities. The number of females we accept is basically limitless. In fact, we encourage more Female drivers and give them professional training.
  1. Own a car!
    Reward for labour is one phrase that matters to us. In the process of building a driving community, we put the long-term needs of each driver into consideration. We have developed a Car ownership scheme for Qothoo drivers, which guarantees a driver to own car after working with us for some months. We are in a partnership with some local banks and car suppliers and the agreement assures the success of the scheme.
  2. Fair terms of payment and commission
With Qothoo, you can SIGN UP YOUR CAR AND DRIVE it yourself. All you have to do is provide speci?c registration requirements, personal information, car information, bank details and application credentials. All the information is available on our website
Similarly, you can also SIGN UP YOUR CAR ONLY via the Qothoo website. Based on preference, you can sign up as many cars as you want and receive constant payment. With a GPS technology, we monitor every ride and we're aware of the location of your car. You can trust us to keep your car safe and consistently deliver your pay without trouble while you maintain your car.
If you don't own a Car, you can SIGN UP AS A DRIVER ONLY. We provide you with a Car and every other thing that makes your service much better. As mentioned earlier, we make sure each partner bene?ts from Qothoo, as a driver, we designed a suitable structure that works perfectly for you.


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