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Wednesday, 13 December 2017

'Until police officers start getting dismised and their pensions diverted to victims of brutality, nothing will change' - Alibaba weighs in on #EndSARS campaign

Posting this photo on his IG page above, he wrote
'I like Nigerian Government sha. If I release a video today, say by 8am this morning saying I will make this country ungovernable and I will see to it that all our leaders know no peace... I would be arrested, thoroughly dehumanized, in chains and be in Police Headquarters, on invitation of the Inspector General of Police before 12noon. That's like in 4 hours. But a video of officers that are supposed to protect citizens surfaces and goes viral, HEADS ARE NOT ROLLING. BECAUSE WE LACK GOOD HEADS. Think about It, this is the same reasons things always remain the same in our country. Naval ratings will consumately beat up an unarmed woman because she did NOT jump into the gutters for an Admiral to pass. Fela's mother was thrown out of a storey building. Citizens shot like wild animals. Videos showing police officers brutalizing unarmed citizens. Soldiers will burn down a BRT bus because the operators insulted a military man. Military men will go to Ojuelegba, raze down a police station just to prove a point. And nothing will happen. They will do it again in Calabar. And still nothing will happen. APO SIX. Dele Udoh, is dead. And gone. Many sad stories puncture the landscape of our country where constituted authority take laws into their hands and no one calls them to order. But let one person SAY he will do... not even do... Just an intention to do... he will be in custody in 48 hours or less. @areafada1 has not harmed one person yet... But he has been dealt with. Can you imagine what will happen if he slaps a police man? YOU SEE, UNTIL POLICE OFFICERS' WHO DO THESE THINGS, START GETTING DISMISSED AND THEIR PENSIONS DIVERTED TO VICTIMS OF BRUTALITY ACCOUNT SET UP TO HANDLE THESE EXCESSES... nothing will change. To protect and to serve. That's all. Nothing more nothing less. What do I know Sef? Shebi I am just a comedian?'


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