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Thursday, 14 December 2017

Rapper Kodak Black's younger brother gets into a fight with emotional older man and it escalated quickly (video)

Rapper Kodak Black

Rapper Kodak Black's younger brother got into a fight with an older man in his neighborhood and it escalated quickly with the man threatening to kill himself.
Soon after the fight began, Lil Kodak, 16, had his shoulder dislocated - at least that's how he made it look - thereby making it impossible for him to continue fighting, but the man was already angered at this moment and kept on ranting and using a lot of swear words. He soon became really emotional and threatened to kill himself
"I'll f****** pull a motherf****** trigger on my f****** head bro and f****** blow my f****** brains out," he threatened.
"I don't care bro. I'm f****** slit my f****** wrist, bro," he added.
From the look of things, Lil Bodak and his friends had probably been bullying the man for a long time and he had had enough. Based on what he was saying to Lil and friends who were cheering Lil on, he had been picked on by them one too many times.

Rapper Kodak Black
Lil Kodak with his popular brother, Kodak Black

It took an intervention from neighbors to restore orderliness and calm the man.
Watch the video below.



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