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Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Nigeria's highest paid sex therapist, Jaaruma, reveals how much she makes in a day from phone consultations alone

Earlier today, via her Instagram page @jaaruma_empire  Jaaruma showed off her sales and how much she makes in a day which is quite impressive for a Young Female Entrepreneur  (Self Made) 

It is also not news that Jaaruma was the first person to ever tell the world about Silky Kola and its therapeutic advantages but after her hard work, study and research, the wife of the village king now wants to use nepotism to take it all away. Please watch her interesting video where she advises us on intellectual property theft and advises us to guard our Knowledge!

The product in content here is Kola and so powerful that once you chew it, all vaginal  dryness goes away and you MUST Find your Orgasm.


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