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Saturday, 9 December 2017

'Disabled doesn't mean unable' - Pretty lady says as she celebrates 17th Anniversary of car accident that left her Paralysed (Photos)

A pretty American lady known as Alexis, who was left completely paralysed after a car accident 17 years ago, took to her Instagram page yesterday to inspire her followers with a powerful message, as she shows gratitude to God for the gift of life.
Sharing side by side photo of herself, when she was hospitalized and a recent photo of her sitting in a wheelchair, she wrote: 
Today is special to me.. it’s an anniversary and rebirth all in one... Today makes 17 years since I was in a car accident that resulted in me being paralyzed. These years have been life-changing but it’s not a bad change it’s more of a life-altering and the evolution of me becoming the woman I am today. Of course, I look confident and happy to you but I face adversity every day and have learned to tackle every obstacle with a smile on my face. So when you see my smile know that means I’m fighting every day, for myself and to show everyone that they too can do anything. #seventeenyears #disableddoesntmeanunable #blessed
See more photos of the pretty lady below..


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